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Sunday, July 11, 2010

The World of Apocalypse

The Stardust Sequence is not related to An Alternate History of the Netherlands, but does predate it by a good eight years.


Type: E (12%)

Gravity: 9.2 m/s2 (at poles) (0.938 Earth)

Pressure: 1.200 b (at poles)

Atmosphere: 78% Nitrogen

21% Oxygen

Distance: 0.4 AU

Temperature: 307 K (at poles)

Diameter: 12000 (0.940 Earth)

Mass: 0.828 Terran Units

Volume: 0.835 Terran Units

Density: 0.991 Terran Units

Surface Area: 0.886 Terran Units

Composition: Silicates

Axis Tilt: 0 degrees +/- 8 degrees

Moons: 4 captured asteroids in synchronous orbit

Day: 27.000 hrs

Year: 105.300 days

Population: 28 min (human) 7 min (gobli) 6,371 (dragon)

Settled: AY 3340, circa 13000 B.C.E.

Level: Iron

Life Level: Reptile/Conifer

Apocalypse is one of the worlds in the Stardust Sequence. It's website is: And that includes the source book (which explains the background information of the world) and thus far five of the chapters for the actual story. It's only an outline (at least that's what I call it. It has to be 110% before I'll even consider calling it a rough draft. That, and complete.). The story is about the Fourth Crusade on the planet.

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