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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Capitals of the United States.

National: Philadelphia (1783-1800)
Washington (1800-1863)
Philadelphia (1863-1946)
Washington (1946- )

Confederate: Birmingham (1861-1941) (founded in 1861, designed as a national capital).

DE: Dover
PE: Allentown
CT: New Haven
GE: Atlanta
MA: Boston
NH: Manchester
MD: Annapolis
SC: Columbia
VI: Richmond
NC: Raleigh
RI: Providence
IQ: Oneida
KY: Knoxville
TN: Nashville
OH: Columbus
LO: New Orleans
IN: Fort Wayne
MS: Jackson
IL: Springfield
AL: Montgomery
ME: Portland
MR: Jefferson City
NA: New Amsterdam
AK: Little Rock
MI: Detroit
FL: Tallahassee
TX: Austin
IO: Des Moines
WI: Green Bay
CA: Vallejo
CU: Havana
SO: Sonora City
CH: Chihuahua
MN: Minneapolis
OR: Salem
KS: Topeka
DU: Port Sinoloa
NV: Carson City
NB: Omaha
CR: San Jose
CD: Boulder
LK: Aberdeen
MO: Helena
WA: Ellensburg
ID: Coeur d’Alene
WY: Cheyenne
UT: Ogden
LN: Lincoln
JE: Tuscan
CS: Vancouver
OK: Sequoia
AZ: Sante Fe

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