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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Almanac: Greece

Population: 62,317,040
Language: Greek
Religion: Greek Orthodox (Official)
Area: 377,800 km2
Capital: Constantinople
Largest Cities: Athens , Constantinople
Government: Republic
Head of State: Constantine Niarchos
Divisions: 23 States
Industries: Macedonia Tank Works, Tourism, Agriculture, Mining, Fishing
Crops: Wheat, Olives, Tobacco, Grapes, Almonds, Pomegranates
Resources: Building material, copper, fish
Currency: Drachma (7.23 = 1.00 US$)
GNP: $ 401 bin
Per Capita: $ 6,434.83
Import: Fuels, steel, electronics, software, chemicals
Export: Armored Fighting Vehicles, textiles, foodstuffs, marble, tobacco products, beer
Trade: Dutch Commonwealth, Kurdistan, Arab Republic, various African and Asian states.
Life Expec: 69.3 years
Education: Primary and Secondary are compulsory; state-paid Higher Education.
Literacy: 94.2%
Military: Standing Army of 200,000. Air force of 500 planes. Navy of 400 ships, mostly small.
Conscript: Yes; lottery system for ages 18-22; four year term of service.

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  1. If the Greeks hadn't chosen a Bavarian king, that might be the way it is today. Even if the troops they could have provided didn't allow Churchill to take Gallipoli before the Turks could muster their reserves, the Greeks would no doubt have been the major and longest remaining part of the garrison of Constantinople after WW1. Perhaps with wartime experience and a large supply of surplus arms from Britain, they might have held that part of Asia Minor also.