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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Chapter 5 complete.

Being mostly broke and stuck at home on Thanksgiving (can't go nowhere until payday) I decided on a marathon typing session, in where I completed Chapter 5. Revolutions is a familiar enough name, but this time around it's different. No Amercian Revolution, no Napoleon, still a French Revolution, but that takes place after the Spanish Revolution in the 1830s. This chapter covers the changing world, from Brazil to the UP to New Amsterdam and how industrialization is changing the face of Dutch society back in the United Provinces. Any one of these chapters I could write enough for a seperate book, but as seeing I want to have An Alterante History of the Netherlands to be a short history than anyone can read (without falling asleep), I have to pick and and abridge. Besides, there's always a 4th Editon... unless I die, which would really infuriate me if that happened before the 3rd Edition was complete. I don't like leaving things unfinished.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Chapter 4 complete

This rewrite is taking longer than I first planned. The 4th Chapter, named Hostile Takeovers is now complete. The name comes from the United Provincs taking over French colonies, British colonies (well, the VOC did that) and then VOC holdings. History branches away from our own far more in this version. After the War of the Spanish Succession, there is a War of the British Succession, which is mostly another British civil war. That was eventually turns into a Third Anglo-Dutch War, where the Dutch make sure that the House of Stuart-Oranje retains the British throne. The Dutch throne went to William and Mary's eldest son while the British one went to the second born. And, despite as much flak as I've received for it, the Swedish Royal House still takes the crown of the Tsar. Sweden-Russia will eventually be a dual monarchy, like our own history's Austria-Hungary.