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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The VOC Today

The VOC is the world’s first 600 billion guilder (one trillion dollar) company in history. What was once a mere spice monopoly has become the dominate force in world trading. VOC is to the shipping industry, sea, land and air, what Microsoft is to the operating system industry. It might not be a monopoly, but it is so large and dominate that it might as well be. More than 70% of all Dutch shipping is done by the VOC, and the Company has nearly a 50% market world wide. Countries like China and its Communist satellites use sate-owned shipping monopolies, while Japan and France boycott the VOC in favor of their own national companies. France boycotts to the point where it subsidizes its own shipping companies to make them able to compete.

The VOC is also the 18th largest automotive producer in the world, despite not producing a single passage vehicle. VOC trucks can be seen around the world. The Company is also the fourth largest commercial aircraft producer, though half of these jets are sold as cargo planes to postal services and fast shipping companies around the world. 4th place is not so impressive when one notices the size of the three ahead of them, which the VOC’s production does not even match 20% of the 3rd place company. The VOC also happens to be number eight in the telecommunication industry, and the largest provider for the Dutch Commonwealth.

Outside of government, the VOC is the world’s largest employer, employing well over one million people around the world. The Company pays high wages to its workers in order to keep talent from migrating to a rival, as well as to keep organized labor out of its facilities. Labor unions around the world criticize the VOC for this aspect, as do foreign socialist parties. VOC managers and executives actually receive a proportionally lower than in other multinational corporations. Business interests criticize the Company for this aspect, as do capitalists worldwide. Such moderation, and lack of entitlements without merit, is what has kept the VOC strong, and will continue to do so through the 21st Century.

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