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The World Today
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Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Empire of Brazil


Population: 187,921,412
Language: Dutch (Official), Portuguese
Religion: 46% Catholic, 43% Protestant
Area: 8,734,447
Capital: Recife
Largest Cities: Recife, Fredericksbourg, Natal, Cayenne, Salvador
Government: Constitutional Monarchy
Head of State: Empress Beatrix
Divisions: Provinces, 29
Industries: Automotive, shipyards, aerospace, heavy industry, military hardware, mining, forestry, agriculture
Crops: Coffee, sugar, tobacco, cotton, tropical fruit, grains
Resources: Minerals, Gold, Precious Gems, Timber, Fish
Currency: Guilder (0.603 = 1.000 $US)
GNP: $ 5.181 tin
Per Capita: $ 27,570.03
Import: Clothing, electronic software, beef
Export: Steel, Iron, Copper, Metals in General, Lumber, Cotton, Coffee, Tobacco, Sugar, Automobiles, Industrial Equipment
Trade: Other Commonwealth Members, United States, Patagonia, Grand Colombia
Life Expec: 77.4 years
Education: Universal, compulsory primary and secondary school. 27% are privately owned.
Literacy: 98.2%
Military: Part of the Dutch Commonwealth of Nations. Home base for 2nd Fleet, 2nd and 3rd Air Forces, along with 14 divisions
Conscript: No

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