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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Masked strangers

Homo Aureus

            The Ancient Atlantians were masters of genetic engineering. They created the Giganticus (a relative failure) around AY 1700. Almost two thousand years later, they created the pygmaeus (a success). In both instances, they were creating new species of humans to suit their purpose. The case of Aureus, commonly known as the elf, was of a group of sapiens attempting to improve themselves. Atlantians had always used engineering in future generation. Middle Class Atlantians used the technology to alter their own offspring’s’ DNA before they were born, eliminating diseases and traits society (culturally speaking) deemed undesirable. The elves were different. The wealthy of Atlantis sought a way to make themselves perfect, starting in the 26th Atlantian Century. Their immune systems can knock aside diseases that would incapacitate a sapien.
     The average elf stands the same height as a sapien. However, they are slender in build, a sign of dignity and nobility to the Ancients, and a sort of ideal physique. Their DNA was altered to extend their lifespans to over two hundred fifty years. Elves also age far slower than any other species of humanity. Their faces have high cheek bones, prominent noses, and a generally arrogant look. Their skin is smooth and rarely blemished. For other species of humans, these traits are largely assumed as elves are in the habit of wearing metallic masks when dealing with non-elves. From their view, non-elves were unworthy of looking upon the perfection of the “golden ones”.  The type of mask worn is also a status symbol. Wealthy and prominent elves wear masks of gold or platinum possibly studded with jewels; while the poorest of elves wear ones of shinning bronze or light-weight aluminum give sufficient technology to produce the metal.
   Despite their light build, elves are strong. They might not have large muscles, but all they do have are very highly toned. They are also quick, easily the swiftest of all humans. Elves value athletics and appearance. Elves are vein by nature, and quickly judge others by the way that they look. Elf society is also generally aristocratic, where which family one is born into usually determines their future.
   Elves have generated around themselves a culture that declares they are superior to other sapiens. This has not endured them to their neighbors. The fact that elves are generally seen to stand for wealth, royalty, fat cats, and every other thing that is viewed as wrong with humanity, drives other species away from them. Elves live in self-segregation. However, since elves dislike manual labor, those that do not have a highly automated industry, must allow guest workers into their borders. This usually leads to the elves being overwhelmed by those they view as beneath them. Elves can be viewed with simply contempt, or severe hostility. The later tends to lead towards genocidal thoughts and the eventual extermination of Aureus from a specific location.

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