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The World Today
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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Magic of the Stardust Sequence (basics)

Magic in the Stardust Sequence is divided into six elements: fire, water, wind, earth, sun and life. Users who specialize in any of the elements are identified by the color of robes they wear:

red = fire
blue = water
white = wind
brown= earth
yellow = sun
green = life

Thus a Red Mage would be use fire magic, a Green Mage use life magic, etc.

Society's view of magic varies from world to world. On some worlds magic users are outcasts and often hunted down. Obviously, anyone hunting a mage would have problems if they ever ran into a mage of real power. Try to imagine Dark Age Europe, when witches were burned at the stake. How well would the Inquisition fair against a witch that actually had power.

On other worlds, magic is the domain of religious orders. On Mylo and Apocalypse, mages are the priests. None are born with any power, and spend a great deal of time studying the art and meditating. Casting spells in these instances is not that different from praying.

I can imagine magic on more technologically advanced worlds. Those might have regulatory agencies where mages would have to register. Now that sort of system is just a big box of trouble waiting to be opened.

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