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Friday, February 15, 2013

Lion of the Sahel 1/2

Halfway done with the rewrite. I know enough to know I don't nearly know enough. It needs some serious detail work done to it once it's rewritten. An Alternate History of the Netherlands took three tries before I published it. I think the Lion might take more. While I'm doing that, I'm writing something new called Moonlab. It's like Skylab, but on the moon. Basically, Apollo gets way better funding and we end up with an outpost on the moon for a few years.
A brief summery
Moonlab I: Unmanned habitat module landing. 7/74

Moonlab II: Unmanned cargo landing, plus moon buggy. 9/74

III: 1st Manned Mission (I was thinking of having Lovell as commander for it, being one of the most veteran moon hands). 12/74-5/75

IV: Unmanned supply mission. 6/75

V: 2nd manned mission. 8/75-3/76

VI: Unmanned supply, plus moon dozer. 1/76

VII: 3rd manned mission, brought along first inflattable habitat. 6/76-12/76

I was thinking about having a stranded Cosmonaut on the moon saved by them, sort of a reverse Marooned (tell me I'm not the only person who has seen that movie).

VIII: 4th manned mission. 12/76-7/77

IX: Unmanned supply, with another inflattable hab. 3/77

X: 5th manned mission. 9/77-5/78

XI: 6th manned mission. 4/78-11/79

XII: Unmanned supply- crashed on landing, but most of the supplies salvaged. 9/79

XIII: 7th and last manned mission. Astronaut killed on surface ends mission early. Usually media and political hysteria, NASA worried about image, etc, etc. 1/80-4/80

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