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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Response to criticism/What's next?

Wow, first post of the year. I blame the entire Mass Effect series for my lack of work.
I've received quite a bit of a commentary on the 2nd Edition of An Alternate History of the Netherlands (that's the one on the website). The biggest critique was about the alternate WWII, which I happen to agree with them on entirely. It's not plausable or workable, so that's why it was eliminated on the 3rd Edition (published). As for me going off the track and talking about things that had nothing to do with the Netherlands... I can't help that. There's just so much to explore. As seen on the new map, there is no USA. Maybe I'll salvage all the American pieces for its own history. Writing a piece on the Great Lakes Campaign for the Great War has some appeal.
As for what's next. Though I've been outlining something called the Unnamed War, my real focus will be on an alternate history I call Lion of the Sahel. It's based of the Ethiopia of the West concept and will follow a surviving Songhai Empire to the modern age. Given the differences between Kindle and Nook (the former sells at a ration to the latter somewhere between 3:1 and 4:1), and depending on how long it takes B&N to get on the royaties, I might just go Kindle with it. I don't like the idea. The main reason I have An Alternate History of the Netherlands on multiple sites is because I want to see them all compete against each other. If all the books are only for one data slate, then that tablet gets a monopoly. Lion of the Sahel will be cheaper since it'll be shorter and I didn't spend years revising it.

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