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Saturday, May 5, 2012

It is finally published.

It took a couple of years, and a lot of "doesn't fit" (what on Earth is that suppose to mean anyway?) from magazines, but The End is finally published. It's on and its only in digital format. I really would have liked to see it in print, so I could frame the issue of Analog or whoever would have accepted it. Alas, if you want anything done at all, you have to do it yourself. So that's what I did; I self-published. I would have made it cheaper (it is just a short story after all), but the lowest price available is $0.99. That means (factoring in how much I get for royalties), I'll only have to sell about 90 of them to pay for the copyright. So if nintey people read this and buy it, I should just about break even.

Now, I'm going to have to clean up much of my other work, so I can publish it too.


  1. Awesome! I'll buy it at once if you have it on the Kindle!

    1. I'm working on that today. According to website (the Kindle one) it should be up in 12 hours or less.