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The World Today
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Friday, September 5, 2014

Writer's marathon.

No, I did not run a marathon. Running for fun never struck me as logical. No, what I did was make an attempt to rewrite a 30k word outline into a 50k rough draft in the space of one week. I managed to finish it in five days, hammering out around 15k words yesterday alone. If anyone ever says that writing isn't hard work, they should try matching the feat. I think I might have finally hit my limit. The only possible way to surpass 15,000 words in a single day would be to type all day.

So what did I rewrite? It's one of my many unpublished science fantasy stories. It is a fantasy world with a Wild West theme. I'm not one for the whole medieval cliche that saturates the genre. The closest I have to that is a story taking place in a fantasy world with a Crusader theme. Anyway, what I finished is still in need of some heavy polish before it's anywhere near publish worthy. Who knows how many years will pass before it sees the light of a data slate.

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