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The World Today
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Monday, September 30, 2013

Race of shadows

             Of all the known intelligent species, none are feared or misunderstood more than the Arnyék. They are extra-dimensional beings that are constantly out-of-phase without universe. As such, physical contact, even accidental, is lethal to most lifeforms. Only dragons and other sextapods are resilient enough to survive contact. Just touching one of these beings is enough to put organic systems into shock, giving rise of the legend that the Arnyék kill by touch alone. Among primitive cultures, the Arnyék are considered ‘undead’.
            The Arnyék possess a vague physical form. Their out of phase bodies are partially translucent, giving them a distinct ghost-like appearance. The mind often has difficulty in processing an Arnyék’s form and the viewer usually sees what they want to see. The only definite form of an Arnyék is its eyes, which are always glowing red orbs. Their physiology also means that they do not eat the same way as organics. Instead, they feed on various forms of energy, typically electromagnetic radiation. Despite legends of being undead, Arnyék will feed off sunlight as well as heat. In the most desperate of circumstances, Arnyék will even feed off the heat of warm-blooded animals
            Arnyék are divided into two species. The first are the Kiséptet (specters) which are the larger, more aggressive of the two. They will chase intruders and enemy until they are dead. The smaller species, the Fenyezes (shade) are content to chase an enemy until they leave their territory. In either species, when one consumes a large amount of Ultima Radiation, they transform into Elemeks (elementals), and possess the power of the spin of radiation absorbed (those that consume red spin grow in fire magic, blue spin grows water, etc.). Few people differentiate between the species and they are usually generically called Arnyék.
            Arnyék are usually content to ignore human activity, but grow angry if they are cut off from their own dimension. Trapped in our universe, they grow extremely aggressive and vicious and will not rest until find their way home. Even more dangerous are Arnyék that are summoned to our universe and forced to do the bidding of their summoner. Such instances usually result in a dead summoner and an angry arnyék.

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