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Friday, September 7, 2012

Chapter one complete.

I've began work on a third edition to An Alternate History of the Netherlands. The easiest part is complete, chapter one. In this edition it will cover 1569-1609, and I call it easiest because it required the least amount of rewriting. The whole story will be overhauled and rewritten in several cases. The purpose is to make it more realistic in terms of the impact that the United Provinces would have on history. It won't be posted on the website. Instead, I plan to turn it into an ebook, and hope it will sell a bit better than The End. It will also focus on Dutch history and the rest of the world will be more background. Obviously I'll have to explain the whole Sweden-Russia thing, and how the House of Wittelsbach replaced the Romanovs. I suppose a strong Dutch monarchy itself would alter the dynastic flow of European history as well.

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