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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Spine Palm

Spread across the Attenborough Plateau, the Spine Palm has proven a deadly plant. Its name is derived from the thousands of spines that are spread across the tree’s trunk. At the top of the tree, its leaves spread out in a similar pattern to Terran palms. The tree grows to heights of ten meters. It does not spread seeds like its name sake, but rather is a clonal plant. It propagates outwards in a radial pattern. The plant defends itself from herbivores with its thousands of spines. These narrow leaves are like pikes. Ay plant-eater that gets too close is tagged by the toxic plant. The spines do not invenomate, but inflict severe phosphorus burns on its victim. Though the palms might remind a visitor of home, it his highly advised to avoid the groves scattered across Attenborough. Only a few of the sloths have evolved defenses against the plant, keeping it from over running its plateau.

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