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Monday, July 11, 2011

State of the Union: Cascadia

Statehood: August 13, 1933
Population: 3,394,155
Area: 450,192 km2
Capital: Vancouver
Largest City: Vancouver
Crops: Wheat
Resources: Timber, minerals, fish
Industry: Forestry, mining, tourism, fishing

The State of Cascadia comprises of the Oregon Country lands between the 49th parallel and 54'40. The land saw little action during the Great War, but was nonetheless ceded to the United States as part of the Permanent Peace between the Americans and the British. The territory was sparely populated, and as with today, more than 60% of the population lived within Vancouver. It was admitted as the 51st state in 1933. During World War II, Vancouver served as a naval base, and as a staging area. The staging area was not so much for Americans, but for Canadians who went off to fight the Japanese in the Aleutians and aid their British cousins elsewhere in the Pacific.

Today, Cascadia is most a sleepy backwater. Much of its economy is based off the resources that are housed in its large area. The biggest industry is that of tourism. The wilderness of Cascadia attracts tourists and vacation-goers from around the county. In the summer, there is hiking and camping, and during the hunting seasons, hunters from both the United States and Canada try their hand. Winter sports keeps the tourists flowing on in, despite Cascadia being one of the coldest states during that time of the year. Its climate allows for less-than-ideal growing seasons, which means much of the state’s food is imported from warmer areas.

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