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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Confederate War Aims

Upon taking power, the Confederate Bund began planning to take back what it lost. The Confederate States were broken after the Great War, and were far from an industrial giant to begin with. Factories continued to function in the northern halves of Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia, but beyond these regions the country was still largely agrarian. They were heavily dependant upon imported weapons from friendly regimes, especially the fascists in Germany that drove the Kaiser and his government into temporarily exile in Germany’s River Platte colony. With their own delusions of grandeur, the Bund, as well as the Confederate President, plotted their revenge upon the United States.

The Greater Confederate States of America.
1) To regain all lands and states lost to the Untied States in 1916.
2) To bring all the former slave states into the Confederacy, including Missouri, Maryland and Delaware.
3) For good measure, to bring Costa Rica into the Confederacy, along with the Costa Rican canal.
4) To evict enemies and former allies alike from the Caribbean Sea and Central America, turning it into a Confederate Lake.
5) To disarm the United States.

It was all but impossible to defeat an opponent with more than twice the population and as much as ten times the industrial capacity, even with aid from Fuhrer Germany. Most generals told Bedford that it simply could not be done. These senior generals were dismissed from their positions, making way for more ambitious generals. The foremost of the Confederate War Effort being one Brigadier General Patton from Georgia. He could only promise a quick victory; if the war lasted for more than six months, the odds rapidly turned against the C.S.A. His plan was simple.

Right Hook: A swift drive on the U.S. capital in Philadelphia, decapitating the American leadership.

Upper Cut: A drive to take Chicago and the railroad hub there, cutting the U.S. in half.

Left Hook: A drive into California to either capture or destroy the major naval base at San Diego.

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