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The World Today
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Saturday, December 29, 2012

The New World

The map for the 3rd Edition. The Balkan Union is still in the rewrite since I figured that the Balkans would be the most repressed region of Europe and the nationalities subject to the German Austrians or the Turks would rise up eventually. Africa looks like an even bigger mess, but I think that has more to do with me not being able to draw up decent borders. Japan eventually lost control of northeastern Asia. I have no idea what they would call it. I refer to it as Kamchatka, but that's not exactly Nihon-go.

Friday, December 28, 2012

What's next?

With An Alternate History of the Netherlands published (and a few copies sold) I'm wondering what I should work on next. I still have Stardust: Mylo to finish, with one spell written 2005-7 and another one started up in late 2011, and that stalled again. I will finish this outline! After more than a thousand pages, I better. The problem is that the main character has risen to Field Marshall and has so many responsibilities that the adventure is lost. I'm thinking about turning the remainder into more of a collection of tales about other characters, though the main ones will still be there at key points.
What should I publish next? I"m looking to rewrite one of the Stardust stories (under a different name), as well as one of the alternate histories. Lion of the Sahel (about a surviving Songhai Empire) is one possibiliy, as is Russian Pacific (which is connected with Hawaii Partitioned), Andean Kingdom (the Inca become a protectorate of Spain instead of outright conquered), Volgastan (about a civilization on the Volga), Crown of the South Seas (that one's about an expanded Chile) or the German War (like Vietnam or Korea, except in Germany).

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

It published!

An Alternate History of the Netherlands (3rd Edition) is now on for the Nook, and should be up on Amazon for the Kindle shortly (they're taking longer for some reason). It's been a long rewrite, and I can think of a hundred other details I can add to it. And, I will eventually. Well, I hope it sells better than my short story.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Way ahead of schedule.

It's done. I finished the last chapter of the rewrite of An Alternate History of the Netherlands. Now all I have to do is print the whole thing, read it, fix any typos and then publish it. That might take longer than it looks, since I don't have a printer. As for chapter 8; there is no WWII this time around. It didn't make any sense that one should exist. Oh, the Commonwealth still fights Japan, as well as others for control of oil. Without a big war in Europe, technology advances a little slower, but the wide range of the Pacific propels technologies that would have taken longer otherwise.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Chapter 7..... done

The problem with having a USA in the first two versions is that rewriting the Great War was a big pain. Chapter 7 covers the time 1888 to 1935, and saw the rise of new Dutch states. I'm not that satisfied with the rework and am going to have to take a good look at it. Well, after I finish the whole thing of course. Chapter 8 will have to be so radically different because of how far the AHN world has diverged that I might have to start from scratch. Well, mostly from scratch. There's still the war against Japan in the Pacific, but no WWII. Without that war, technology is going to get slow in some respects to our own world.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Chapter 6: fin

I'm on a roll. Chapter 6: The Four Corners of the World, is finished. It wasn't that difficult, since much of the previous edition material did not need a whole lot of editing. I cover the far flung colonial empire of the Netherlands. The biggest difference would be India, which is confined to the south and east of the Subcontinent, with a Mughalstan still hanging on in the north.