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The World Today
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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The New Calender

Anno Lunarium

In the year 2113, old reckoning by Lunar standards, the nations of Luna developed a new calender. Where as the previous one was in the year of the Christian Lord, the new calender would be in the year of the moon, the new center of civilization. With Earthbound civilization nearly obliterated in 2090, the creators of this new calender, lead by the Swede Anton Swenson from Lunapolis, was retroactively began in 2090. Thus the year of the exchange was now year 1 A.L. The development of this new system of time was an addition to the already mounting cultural independence of the Lunar nations of the Continental States, Nieu Prussia, Avalon, Lunapolis and Fort Recife, all greatly expanded since the Nanotechnology Revolution. It was also the year of de facto political and economic independence from Earth, as well as the year Luna became the new center of technological civilization. The new calender confounded the nations and companies of Earth that did business with Luna for years to come. The fact that the calender had no months and instead was divided into fifty-two weeks, each numbered, only add to the initial confusion.

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